About  Us

Tom Simonson


I became an employee of Harrisburg Inc. in 1980.  Shortly thereafter Harrisburg Inc. merged into Harrisburg/Woolley Tool Inc..  At this time I chose the opportunity to become their agent instead of an employee, and as a result in 1990 Simonson Oilfield Specialty Sales, Inc. became a reality.  Harrisburg/Woolley Tool was sold to NOV in 2000 and became Mission.  We were the NOV agent for the next 11 years.  All during this time, product lines and company lines were added as they became available.  Even at this date and time, lines and products are an ever changing venue and change as the needs arise in our business.

Brent Smith

Sales Manager

I started my career in the construction / excavation industry with Simonson Construction Services in the 90’S where I worked for 15 years having many different duties. I then went to work for Baker Hughes, the Atlas (wireline) division, where I learned valuable field knowledge within the 4 years I was there.  I came on board with Simonson Oilfield Specialty Sales, Inc. in late 2014 where I took on outside sales duties for northeast US. I eventually worked my way into the sales manager position where I have a wide variety of duties. I continue to strive for nothing less than a customer focused atmosphere.

Robin Harrold

Operations Manager

Started at Simonson Oilfield Specialty Sales in 2003. Before coming to SOS Sales I have been in customer service for over 25 years mainly in the machining & fabrication industry. I am in charge of all inventory items & logistics. Have worked with numerous oilfield product lines in my career such as Guiberson, Noshok, NOV, Brandt. Kemper Valve, Mercer Valve. I can locate hard to find parts for all your oilfield needs.

Shirley Simonson

HR/ Administrative

I have a degree in medical secretary science and assisting, and with this I worked for Wooster Community Hospital in the medical transcription department many years. In the later years I worked for a local doctor where I ended my 19 year stay in the field.  I went into business for myself in 1981 buying  Solid Oak Furniture which successfully remains in business today. In 1990 I took over doing payroll and books for Simonson Oilfield Specialty Sales, Inc.. I now handle payroll, administrative duties, and the employee retirement plans.  

Chris Jarvis

Outside Sales

I began my career in the oil and gas industry at the age of 21, working for Haliburton in Wooster, Ohio. I worked on the frac crew running a pump down unit and also worked on call with both the cement and acid drop crews. I then transferred to SOCI delivering fuel and lubricants to drilling rigs all over the Northeast. In 2011 started my oil and gas sales career at Dragon Products selling aftermarket and capital equipment on the frac, cement and water side. I was laid off during the down turn in 2015. I then spent 4 years selling automotive, heavy duty and industrial lubricants. I came on board with Simonson Oilfield Specialty Sales in January 2019.With Simonson Oilfield Specialty Sales, I will use my experience in the oild and gas industry to provide the highest level of customer service. 

Travis Higgins

Inside Sales/Operations

Started at Simonson Oilfield Specialty Sales
in January of 2020. Started my working
career in the Steel Manufacturing industry.
Worked as a Quality Control Manager in
the Fabrication and Machining industry for
the past 15 years. My goal has always been
to meet or exceed the customers

Carol Sturges


I began my journey with Simonson Oilfield Specialty Sales, Inc., in the fall of 2019. It is a good fit for me as they put customer service on top of the priority list.  I bring 25+ years of QuickBooks experience to the company, running my own small businesses for 20 years prior.  I have raised 3 children and have lived my entire life in the Wayne County Ohio area.  I am tasked with the payables/receivables, and general accounting aspects of the company.